Cory McCabe

Independent Filmmaker from Dallas, TX wanting to challenge the way you think.

Dark Red is an independent film company. And Behind The Film is a video show revealing how independent films are made.

Meet Your film assistant


Film Assistant | Pro Get your film made on time.

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• Stand alone app for macOS and Windows
• Mobile app for iOS
• Automatic Production schedule creator
• Tailored production plan per individual film
• Clear Map of pre to post-production

How It Works

Film Assistant | Pro gathers real information about your film specifically, using details like what Crew you have, how many pages of Screenplay, Cast members, number of Locations, and more, to create an elaborate shooting schedule.

Film Assistant | Pro has in-depth research on the independent filmmaking world and how they accomplish every single task in creating a film to be able to apply the average time it will take you to complete

• Maps out Pre-production details
• Post-production is broken down for you
• Easy drag and drop call sheet templates
• Automatic Exhaustive shot lists

Introducing Moments

Moments is a brand new concept created to break scripts down even further than page number and scene.

Moments are determined by every action that occurs in the story of your script and assigns numbers to those moments


Make Films On Time