Cory McCabe

Independent Filmmaker from Dallas, TX wanting to challenge the way you think.

Dark Red is an independent film company. And Behind The Film is a video show revealing how independent films are made.

Behind The Film

A fact and opinion video show, exploring the art of filmmaking.
by Cory McCabe


Movie and Trailer Breakdowns

Click above image to watch video! ⬆️

Click above image to watch video! ⬆️

I dive deep into trailer philosophy and give my subjective opinion and objectives thoughts on the up-coming movie.

I point out things you may not have noticed, and make comments about what you can expect to see from any movie from the trailer.

Watch video above! 👆🏼

Watch video above! 👆🏼

So, you like movies. Most everyone does.

You follow a few TV shows, and have a couple favorite movies that meant a lot to you over the years. I’m the same.

I want to show you a greater appreciation and love for movies and TV shows.

Film is an art form, and thousands of people work in the film industry. Actually, hundreds of thousands—NAY… ☝🏼


According to the Motion Picture Association of American, the film industry in the U.S. alone supported 2.1 million jobs, and $139 billion in total wages in 2016.


That’s not even accounting for the fully independent and self-employed filmmakers–AND that was back in 2016. Crazy.

Millions of people work in the film industry, which is a form of art, and I want to bring YOUR attention to the beauty of it and appreciation for the filmmaking process.


How I Make Films


Behind The Film also follows the process of how I make films, how I direct actors, where I set up the camera, and why I make the decisions I make.



My goal with these videos is to eventually make the most in-depth behind-the-scenes material that allows people to look at film with an entirely new and interesting perspective.




Learn how I make independent films, and get a new perspective on movies