Behind The Film

Independent Filmmaker wanting to impact the way you think.

Cory McCabe Films is an independent film company. And Behind The Film is a video show revealing how independent films are made.


Here's some of what's going on in my world right now.



This is part 2 of my trip to Lynchburg, Virginia. Jacob Scoville and I talk about how we got into making films. I also talk about a very special film I plan to make in the future.

This is something I've never share publicly before...



What I Want For My Films (Virginia Trip pt.1)

This week I go to Lynchburg, Virginia to meet my filmmaker friend, Jacob Scoville.

I share what is missing in most every film out there, and what I plan to bring to the film industry.


Why I Won't Be Storyboarding

This week my brother Cameron helped me out while I got my screenplay printed to make a lined script.



Taking a Break in Colorado

We took a week off from everything and explored in Colorado.

This may seem unnecessarily and unrelated to making a film, but our best ideas come when we take a step back.



This week we meet with Jonathan Russell to write personalized letters to The Red Team, a list of people we selectively picked for feedback on the script.

We also go on a journey to get some photos for some upcoming posters.


Meeting the producer

In this video, we meet the producer and composer, Jonathan Russell. As well as a continuation of the mysterious box...

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Introduction and meeting the script supervisor

In this first video for Behind the Film I tell you about I Am My Father, my first feature-length film.

I meet with the Script Supervisor, Elijah Davi, and introduce you to him. We learn about script supervision.

Elijah leaves his box behind...