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Independent Filmmaker wanting to impact the way you think.

Independent filmmaker from San Antonio, Texas, wanting to challenge the way people think.



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I'm Cory, an independent filmmaker from San Antonio, Texas. I made this website to showcase my films, and also to show you how I make them by taking you behind the film.


Latest short Film

Phone A Friend (2 minute short film)



Behind the Film is a video show, following the process of how I make films, how I direct actors, where I set up the camera, and why I make the decisions I make.

My goal with these videos is to eventually make the most in-depth behind-the-scenes material that allows people to look at film with an entirely new and interesting perspective.


⚠️ Video Contains Spoilers! Watch film first.
A quick and fun look at the making of "Phone A Friend", a short film I challenged myself to complete within 2 weeks.

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